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Steps for Matching Personal Buddy


1) Click 'Sign In’ at the top right corner of the website.


2) Click ‘Sign Up’.

3) Once you create an ID, you can click the 'Matching Page' tab, and if you are an exchange student make sure to click the 'Exchange Student Registration'.

4) In the Exchange Student Registration Page, there will be a check box that asks ‘Returning’. If this is your first time in SNU Buddy, please do not check the box. This is for exchange students who are on their second(or more) semester with SNU Buddy.

5) PLEASE fill in the Regulation & Waiver Form and finish membership fee payment we mentioned previously in the inital SNU Buddy promotion Email. You are officially registered for the SNU Buddy program only after submitting the form and finishing payment, so please complete these steps.

Within a few days, we will check your information(Regulation & Waiver Form / membership fee payment) and approve your application form. If you are unable to see the matching tab, it means your application has not been approved yet, hence, please wait until you are approved.

6) After approval, you will be able to find a ‘Matching’ tab. If you click this tab, you will be able to check the introductions and profiles of all the Korean buddies. Find a Korean buddy you want to be matched with, click the ‘Be a buddy’ button below the Korean buddy profile and write your profile.

7) Your personal buddy will be fixed after 48 hours of your profile. If you want to change your personal buddy, you can click the ‘Be a buddy’ button and write your profile again. You will automatically be removed from the buddy before and fixed after another 48 hours.

It is not possible to register after this matching period online : (GMT+9) 19th February (Mon) 00:00:00 – 26th February (Mon) 23:59:59. We highly recommend you to go through matching process during this period: otherwise you will be randomly matched to a Korean buddy. Returning Buddies can choose their buddy from (GMT+9) 20th Feb (Tue) 00:00:00. This is to give the new buddies priority in choosing their buddy.